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Creating and sustaining meaningful change

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LEARN PLAN DO:  Rethinking our lives together at work and in community

Organizational life is becoming more and more challenging.  It is an inherently complex social system – with increasing demands for new levels of performance and capability (and declining resources to respond appropriately).  Our “adaptive” responses have not fully addressed this new reality, creating “un-scalable” leadership voids in our organizations.


LEARN PLAN DO (LPD) is vastly different than most performance improvement programs, which tend to be over-simplified, rule-centered, and too prescriptive to be effective.

·     LPD is first and foremost a management philosophy that inspires new thinking while providing powerful frameworks for re-thinking and managing our businesses and organizations.

·     LPD also brings a practicality and accessibility to the concepts of continuous improvement, systems thinking and breakthrough innovation that has never been before.

·     LPD gets its energy from its on-going use as a continuous learning cycle for tackling our biggest challenges.





It’s chess – not checkers – in our new world!

  • The world around us (organizations, ideologies, and societal trends) changes quickly and often.

  • Most jobs now involve the creation and reconfiguration of information — not things. In other words, most of us are knowledge workers.

  • A more realistic view — it’s chess, not checkers — is needed. Checkers is ruled by simple rules, logic, and strategies. Chess requires forethought, the ability to see the whole board, and a disciplined ethic (to keep from making a game-ending move).