Below are a range of articles that have been part of my coaching e-letters that I have distributed over the last few years.  Each of the papers is rich in research foundations, reflection points, and new ideas to ponder.  Some are represented in multiple-paper series built around key themes.  Others represent stand-alone ideas that are meant to stimulate your thinking.  Enjoy!

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in my book:  The Other Side of the Card

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The Other Side of the Card focuses on the personal side of leadership where we develop the meaning in our life.  This view is not only misunderstood but is rarely developed in our individual lives. Much of the elusiveness of a 'leading through meaning' approach is that by its nature it requires that we lean into the failure, pain, insecurity, and negative emotions that represent the critical learning opportunities on our leadership path.

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v  The Systems Thinking Series (10 Essays)


v  The Conventional vs. Non-Conventional Leader

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v  Leading Through Culture