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Our lives - and our leadership journeys - tend to follow one of two paths: the "conventional" and the "unconventional."  The conventional path is driven by our work cultures - cultures that tend to thrive on action, activity, and results.  That's why it's called work.  So, when we are at work, we need to be doing something (anything).  We also know that our lives are accelerating in terms of increasing complexity, unmanageable aspects of time, escalating expectations, and declining resources.  Welcome to the age of anxiety.  In the process, we are losing our sense of community and our ability to be fully present for each other when we are needed most.  As a result, our work cultures are losing their capacity to create enough gravitational pull to keep the organization "whole."  It is no surprise that we are living at the outer edges.  Without a connection to a unifying center, we play the smaller game, where vulnerability and anxiety rein. This is not working.  The center is not holding.  We need to rethink our way forward.  That is the ultimate aim of this book -- to bring both hope and clarity in defining that pathway forward.


A thought provoking "stop you in your tracks" book on the concept of meaningful change.  A must read for those who are concerned about the direction of our society and how they may be able to help lead the path forward.

Bernie Jaworski, Peter F. Drucker chair, Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management


Studies confirm that most people are unhappy, apathetic, and detached from their managers, organizations, and the work they do. Meaningful work is a primary motivator, but will not happen without centered leadership. Bravo!

Mick Ukleja, Ph.D., President LeadershipTraQ


Mike's insights are both engaging and relevant. He has the gift of reaching the reader on both an intellectual AND emotional level. You will love this book!

Bill Shumard, CEO, Special Olympics (SoCal)


Mike offers an incredibly powerful portfolio of practices for leading in these VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) times. Mike's provocative "inside out" approach serves as a true catalyst for creating new levels of followership.

Greg Pryor, Vice President, Juniper Networks


Mike uniquely inspires and rejuvenates, highlighting pathways to deeper meaning in our professional and personal lives!

Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford Hospital & Clinics


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