Are you nuts?


Delusional you

I donít mean crazy

Like in clinical-crazy


Not that kind of nuthouse-crazy


You are simply

Out of touch

With what is really going on

You see

Mounting evidence suggests

You lack a healthy grounding

In an external reality

An external reality that almost everybody else believes

Except you

Delusional you


You spend little time

In the middle of your cage

Always pressing at the bars

Exploring some new truth

A truth that sets you free

Taking you to places

Both exhilarating and scary

Wow, I wish I could go there

Some time

With you


All of your journeys

Seem to have been sparked

By an element of not fully knowing

A false confidence

A rationale without reason

A hope without a hopeful foundation

But you began anyway


The world does not need

One more reasonable person

It needs you

Crazy you


I love you for that

I do