I donít see YOU


I donít see YOU

That is because YOU are part of THEM


We donít like THEM

Shhhhh . . . THEY might hear you 


I donít like working with THEM

Nobody does

THEY donít understand how WORK works

US understands

THEM doesnít


THEM are not us

In many ways THEM donít seem to get it

It is highly unlikely that THEM will ever get to be US

Not in this lifetime   

THEM seem pre-ordained to being THEM

So sad . . . forever THEM

But THEM also makes me feel better about who I am


I am US

But mostly I am ME

US are MEís

I didnít make up the rules

Thatís how it works




My friend is crazy

I tell her this

She doesnít understand the true nature of THEM

To THEM she says I see YOU

I see the good news in YOU

I want to do good things for YOU

I trust YOU. Even though I donít know YOU all that well

I see YOU

I want to see YOU again


Why does she say this to THEM?

My friend is crazy