I hear you


For the first time

In a long time

I heard you today


I not only heard the words

(I always hear your words)

I not only understood the message

(I almost always hear your message)

Today I heard your story


Behind the words

Beyond the message

Is your story


It is a great story

I love your story

It could be my story

(In many ways it is my story)

But I lost track

Stopped listening

Became numb

To you


No, no, not to you personally

No, no, never


But all the stuff

That became distractions

That became the busyness in my life

Kept me from hearing you

Hearing your story


I think I stopped hearing your story

When I lost connection to mine

When I lost track of all the everyday moments that

When linked together

Tell a bigger story

Create a life


I keep re-learning this one thing

It is these everyday moments

When fully experienced

When appreciated

When reflected on

When shared

When remembered

Remind me of who I am


I heard you today

I heard your story