Mostly True


I have stopped listening.

I have heard this speech before.

I have also given it.

Many times.

Different words.  Same outcome.


It is mostly true. But not true enough.

Not now.

Not after all this time.

You are (I am) hiding something.


I can tell by the language.

It is perfect -- but not pure.

It is logical but does not make complete sense.

Not after all this time.

No one really thinks (feels) that way.

Why do we talk this way?

Things are left out.

Things are put in.

I can tell by how you say things.


You are rehearsed but lack conviction.

You are polished but lack presence.

You know I know. 

We have both been there before.

I see you (me). 

I want you (me) to start again.


Listen.  Listen. 

I want you to tell me a story.

Tell me a story so true that it could be my story.

I am ready.

I am waiting.



Tell me a true story.