I am the coffee girl


It was just a job

A transition job

Waiting for a better job

I learned to hate that job


Taking coffee orders at the counter

Answering dumb questions

(Made me numb)

No one really saw me

Appreciated me


Nothing worked like it was supposed to

No one worked like they were supposed to

Made the boss anxious

Made me anxious



Like everyone else who worked there

We were without hope

We were lost in the system



Our shared vulnerability 

Became our shared purpose

Became our reason for showing up


We started to see each other

Began to listen to each other

Started to see the good news in each other

We were in it together


Started to experience these fleeting

But extraordinary moments

Moments of synchronicity

Between us

Our work

And our customers


I got lost in these moments

Got absorbed into the flow

Lost track of time

(Stopped checking the time)

Became less self-aware

More aware of others

The system was working

(I was “working” the system)


Developed a unique feel for my role as the order person

Setting the pace for the team

Setting a tone for the customers

I was in the middle of the system

(and I liked it)


Discovered how small things matter to the system

Because everything is connected

To everything else

In a system


Small improvements amplify our work

Energize us

Draw us in

We feel responsible for the system

It is a system that serves

Serving others abundantly


I can see the system

See how it works

I can feel the system

It is a part of me   


I am the system