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'Creating and Sustaining Meaningful Change' 


'Recipe for an Amazing Year' 


Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Mike is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers you will hear! He has crafted his approach through over 100 keynote speeches.

He brings the message to life though:

·   Compelling insights and perspectives

·   Frameworks that promote deeper learning

·   Practical ideas that follow participants back into the real world

·   Customization of themes to meet your most significant needs

·   And of course – lots of humor to keep the audience engaged!

Topics include

  1. Leadership Development – Mike brings the full force of over a decade's worth of personal research and consulting to this critical topic

  2. LEARN PLAN DO – Mike shows how we can gain a superior perspective on how things really work – supported by 30 years involved in Lean Thinking

  3. Culture Development – Mike shows us exactly how do you develop a culture

  4. Leading Change – Mike’s three-phase model is a game changer

  5. New Idea Generation – From passionate problem-solving to developing breakthrough approaches – the participants gain a new level of appreciation for bringing their best ideas to work

Approach: You tell Mike your needs and he responds with a proposed plan that gets fine-tuned to your special needs. An affordable, all-inclusive fee is quoted that keeps administration simple!

Let’s Get Started:

Contact Mike directly at mike_morrison@me.com

One of the many things that makes Mike Morrison so inspiring to listen to and work with is his breadth and depth of knowledge combined with the ability to convey information in a simple and straight-forward manner. It is obvious that he is the "real deal"!

John Settineri Director, Avery Dennison

Dr. Mike Morrison is an oracle of information, illumination, and inspiration. His participation alone ensures the value of any event. I highly recommend Dr. Morrison in all capacities and look forward to his future presentations

Sean Riesterer, MBA MVP Health Authority

It is a privilege to listen to--and learn from--someone as passionate and engaging as Mike Morrison. Mike is forever striving to present timeless principles in relevant terms to our multi-segmented society. From Boomers to Millenials, Mike has something for each of us...and all of it in an informative, inspirational and engaging manner.
Bill Shumard CEO, Special Olympics Southern California
Mike Morrison brings a wealth of experience and insights to his talks that serve to reconnect us toward a renewed sense of self and purpose. Mike engages his audiences with great empathy and humor in reaching that awareness.
Mark Spear Senior Associate Director, Patient Relations & Human Resources, UCLA Healthcare