This is not working (but I don’t blame you this time)

In my new book, we expose the new reality about both our work and personal lives:

This is not working

The center is not holding

We need to rethink our way forward

The forces of fragmentation are winning. Winning big time!

In our work lives, the result is that our cultures lack the necessary meaning and gravitational pull to keep the organization “whole.” On the personal side, most of us are living a “peripheral life” – losing our capacity to live simply and deliberately.

One simple exercise that I have found to have a “unifying” impact on our fragmented lives is the process of clarifying the question that “life” is asking you now. With the clarity of an overarching question in front of us, we can start to let go of the stuff that pushes us away from our true center.

The exercise actually takes three steps. The first step is to do the necessary inner and personal work (e.g., prayer, reflection, meditation, etc.) to frame the question in the most honest way.

The second step is to share your question with others – to make your efforts public, to spark interest and to gain feedback.

The final step is to ask others to join you in this “Wizard of Oz” journey. This is when the journey truly becomes real.

I think for the last two to three years, the question that I can’t get out of my head or heart is this one:

In a world that requires everyone to lead in some way, what are the

central principles and practices that represent the core path?

In my new book, I invite you to join me in a larger discussion for rethinking our way forward. The book is available for ordering on the following site:


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